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Consultants in Lean & Manufacturing Strategy

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Internal Lean Manufacturing Training

Present Your Own Seminars With Training Kits From Enna  

When To Use Internal Training

  • Many employees need the same training.

  • New employees need continuing programs.

  • Both subject matter expertise and basic presentation skills are internally available.

  • Learning objectives are specific and basic.

  • Learning objectives are primarily factual rather than intuitive and/or conceptual

Training Kits

At Strategos, we recommend the Training Kits from Enna, Inc. Their programs are professionally prepared, convenient and cost-effective. They enable a regular employee, with basic knowledge and presentation skills to conduct effective training. 

Enna Training Kits

5S Training Kit /1-3 Day
5S Office Training Kit /1-3 Day
Value Stream Mapping Training Kit /1-3 Day
SMED Training Kit /1-3 Day
Overview of Lean Training Kit /1-Day

Enna 5S Training Kit

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